Daikin RX24FVJU FTXS24HVJU Single Zone Wall Mounted Heat Pump System 24000 BTU

Item#: RX24FVJU FTXS24hvJU

Brand: Daikin

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Product Details
Product Specifications

Weight:175.00 lb.

FTXS24HVJU+RX24FVJU Performance:
Rated Cooling Capacity (BTU):22,000
Cooling Capacity Range (BTU):7,500 - 22,000
Rated Heating Capacity (BTU):24,000
Heating Capacity Range (BTU):7,500 - 25,400
FTXS24HVJU+RX24FVJU Indoor Unit Specifications:
Moisture Removal (Pt/h):6.3
Airflow - Wet - H/M/L (CFM):536/473/409
Airflow - Dry - H/M/L (CFM):586/532/477
Sound Pressure Level - Cooling H/M/L (dB):46/42/37
Sound Pressure Level - Heating H/M/L (dB):46/42/37
FTXS24HVJU+RX24FVJU Indoor Unit Dimensions:
Height (Inches):11-7/16
Width (Inches):41-5/16
Depth (Inches):9-3/8
Weight (lbs):26.5
Condensate Drain Connection (Inches):11/16
Front Panel Color:Off-White
FTXS24HVJU+RX24FVJU Outdoor Unit Specifications:
Power Source:1ph 208/230V 60Hz
Max Fuse Size (A):20
Compressor Type:Hermetically sealed swing type compressor
Compressor Motor Output (W):1,900
Power Consumption - Cooling (W):2,600
Power Consumption - Heating (W):2,850
Operation Current - Cooling (A):11.35
Operation Current - Heating (A):12.43
Sound Pressure Level Cooling/Heating (dB):54/54
Operating Range - Cooling (F):14 - 115
Operating Range - Heating (F):5 - 77
FTXS24HVJU+RX24FVJU Outdoor Unit Dimensions:
Height (Inches):28-15/16
Width (Inches):32-1/2
Depth (Inches):11-13/16
Weight (lbs):121
Casing Color:Ivory White
FTXS24HVJU+RX24FVJU Piping Specifications:
Liquid O.D. (Inches):1/4
Gas O.D. (Inches):5/8
Refrigerant Charge (lbs):3.75
Max Pipe Length (ft):98
Pipe Length - no additional refrigerant (ft):33
Max Height Difference (ft):65.6
Daikin Warranty:
Compressor:6 Years
Parts:2 Years